In Finland, achieved a ban on the construction of a house ally of Putin – news ZIK.UA

The defensive forces of Finland, a court has made a ban on the construction of a guest house on the land, which belongs to Russian businessman Boris Rotenberg and is located near the military range.

It is reported by the European true with reference to the broadcasting company Yle.

У Фінляндії домоглися заборони будівництва будинку соратника Путіна – новини ZIK.UA

Rothenberg planned to construct guest house with an area of 350 square meters. Commission on the environment of the city of Hanko in 2016 approved project, then the defense forces has addressed in court with the requirement to cancel the resolution. The military referred to the fact that the noise is coming from the landfill can affect the people around you.

The administrative court of Helsinki in the fall of 2017 was rejected the first complaint of the defence force. In October 2017, the Commission on environment Hanko re-examined the question of construction of the house and re-approved the plan of the building.

The defense forces has submitted to the Administrative court of Helsinki new complaint. In early November, he issued a new decision that requires to cancel permission for the construction of the building. Defensive force again justified his claim by the report of the Commission on environment of 2004 that local residents experience a noticeable noise from the landfill.

Finnish media interviewed the two nearest neighbors Rotenberg, who said he had become used to noise from the landfill and that they do not interfere.

Boris Rotenberg is a citizen of Russia and Finland. He is in the inner circle of Vladimir Putin, businessman and included in the sanctions list of the USA

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