In Egypt under the earth is found the statue of a Sphinx (PHOTO)

В Египте под землей нашли статую Сфинкса (ФОТО)

During road works in the Egyptian Luxor city workers stumbled upon the buried statue of the Sphinx.

About this amazing discovery was announced by the head of the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities Mohamed Abdel ASIS, reports

The local news Agency even published some photos of the findings.

Officially, the press reported that the statue resembles the Great Sphinx of Giza.

Archaeologists and officials have warned that it will conduct excavations at a slow pace to prevent the destruction of works of ancient art.

Also the edition reports that the statue of the Great Sphinx is considered to be a Grand creation of ancient Egyptians, not only because of its size and complex design, but also because of the countless mysteries surrounding it. The great Sphinx of Giza with the three pyramids located on the Giza plateau, about 500 km from the place where they found another statue. The age of the Sphinx, as well as its mysterious shape and the human head, for decades, has been the topic of intense debate among experts.

It is also worth noting that, as discovery in Luxor, the Great Sphinx was completely buried under the sand. Only in 1817, when Giovanni Battista kavila conducted the first modern archaeological excavations, the Sphinx was completely cleared from the earth. It is therefore not surprising that another sculpture of this type was found in the ground.

Currently, the archaeologists carry out all necessary measures to protect the statue found underground.

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