In China found the remains of a woman aged 900 years – news ZIK.UA

In China, local archaeologists found the remains of the woman age of 900 years, her tomb was in the village Tiguan.

This was reported in the journal Chinese Cultural Relics – written Letters.

У Китаї знайшли рештки жінки віком 900 років – новини ZIK.UA

The woman was buried with a variety of items, including model homes, inside of which was even a miniature utensils. Also in the coffin was a pendant depicting two dragons. On the inside of the lid of the coffin, it was stated that it is the “Big lady” that lived in the area Ankang. Reading her name quite difficult, but, on the assumption of researchers, the woman was able to call Jian.

The remains are well preserved, including nails and hair done with gold and silver studs. In the hands of women silver bracelets, belly chain from 83 bronze coins. Under the left hand were found the remains of two zongzi wrapped in leaves glutinous rice. Woman wearing embroidered shoes. The inside of the coffin was decorated with images of women in different clothes – probably portraits of the deceased.

To determine the age of the women helped the coins laid at the base of the coffin – they were minted around 713-1100 years BC. Most likely, the woman lived in the reign of the song dynasty, when China had art and science.

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