In Cameroon, was kidnapped from school 81 children

В Камеруне неизвестные похитили из школы 81 ребенка

In the city of Bamenda, the capital of North-Western Anglophone region of Cameroon, from school stole about 81.

About it reports Reuters.

Reports that basically all of the kidnapped children. Also unknown stole the head of school. The Agency notes that currently it is not known who is behind the kidnapping.

Note that the unrest in Cameroon continued from October 7, after the 85-year-old President Paul Biya was re-elected for the seventh time, he heads the country since 1982.

Also, earlier, on October 29, about 00:45 hours, in Zhitomir on the street of the heroes of the Fire is unknown kidnapped the girl and beat her mother, witnessed the incident.

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