In Bulgaria, the current is temporarily imposed a ban on swimming in the Black sea

В Болгарии течения временно ввели запрет на купание в Черном море

On the beaches of the Bulgarian black sea coast because of the dangerous underwater currents temporarily imposed a ban on swimming. Weekend in the sea killed two children and a man.

About it writes Today.

Local rescuers warn tourists about the dangers of so-called “dead excitement” – undercurrent that pulls from the shore to the open sea. Almost all the beaches of Bulgaria in recent days raised a red flag prohibiting swimming.

Four local children from 12 to 15 years, despite the strong excitement of the sea, went on Saturday, August 11, swim near the town of Shabla on the North black sea coast of Bulgaria, only one of them managed to get out of the water. Arrived on the scene rescuers to find the boys could not. On Sunday the bodies of two of them washed up on the beach, finding another child to continue.

And on the beach of Burgas, on the southern coast, on Sunday was found the body of a man, who also became a victim of the “dead excitement”, his identity is not yet established.

Earlier in Kiev drowned girl with a Roma appearance.

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