In Berlin save the heavily poisoned anti-Putin activist – news ZIK.UA

The Russian activist group Pussy Riot lost sight, hearing and ability to walk due to the probable poisoning last week, but his condition improved after treatment in Berlin.

This writes Reuters, citing the words of one of participants of Pussy Riot, reports European truth.

У Берліні рятують тяжко отруєного антипутінського активіста – новини ZIK.UA

Peter Ursula was taken to the Berlin clinic Charite. In Germany, he arrived on a special medical transport plane late on Saturday.

“He’s better. All right. The doctors here are wonderful,” he said from the hospital room of a member of the group Wronka Nikulshina.

“I believe that it was deliberately poisoned and that it was an attempt to intimidate or kill him,” said the wife Ursulova Nadezhda Tolokonnikova.

30-year-old Verzilov was a member of the art group “War”, and later the group Pussy Riot. In 2014, the members of this group founded the newspaper “the Media” and Verzilov became his publisher.

In July during the final match of the world Cup in Moscow, the members of Pussy Riot (Verzilov and others) staged “the Policeman comes into play”, ran onto the field in uniform.

This match was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin, his French counterpart Emmanuel macron, and the President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Starowicz.

As previously reported, in Britain saw through the fakes regarding Russia poisoning in Salisbury and invasion of the Donbass.

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