In Austria arrested the retired Colonel, who for 20 years worked for Russian intelligence – news ZIK.UA

В Австрії затримали полковника у відставці, який 20 років працював на російську розвідку – новини ZIK.UA

In Austria, the detained former Colonel of the Armed forces on suspicion of working for Russian intelligence for 20 years.

About this newspaper Krone Zeitung, referring to the press-Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Austria, reports “New time”.

As it became known, the investigation is carried out in 70-year-old Austrian Colonel, retired, who passed the Russian military intelligence information about the migration crisis, the Austrian military aircraft and artillery systems, as well as detailed information on many Austrian high-ranking military.

According to the publication, for their services Colonel from Salzburg received about 300 thousand euros.

“So, this is an exceptional case indeed. We are very pleased that this suspect now exposed,” said the press Secretary of the Ministry of defense of Austria.

Officer every two weeks been in touch with his contact in the Russian intelligence, “Yuri” and passed him secret documents. As noted in the army counter-intelligence Service of Austria, to prevent espionage Colonel managed after Russian security services gave him a signal that the Austrian side did.

Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurz and the head of the Ministry of defense Mario Kunasek, commenting on the event, condemned Russia for its approach.

“It’s just impossible,” said Kurtz.

The Minister of defence of Austria intends to call itself the military attache of Russia in the country on this case.

“Espionage activities against the neutral country was invalid,” said Kunasek.

According to him, and after the cold war a neutral state is the purpose of espionage.

“It demonstrates how important a dense and effective network security. This event was an occasion to strengthen measures of counter-intelligence in the field of cyber defense,” – said the Minister.

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