In Australia rescued a humpback whale caught in a net for sharks (VIDEO)

В Австралии спасли горбатого кита, попавшего в сети для акулы (ВИДЕО)

In Australia rescued a humpback whale caught in a net for sharks. Giant is entangled in a network established to protect people on the beach.

It is reported

Sea rescue team from Queensland have released the humpback whale for more than an hour, trying to cut off the network, which confused the giant.

Dozens of similar networks from the sharks spread around the coast of Australia. These networks are designed to protect swimmers from attack by predators. However, Maritime experts read that traps can do more harm than good and destructive for the flora and fauna of the ocean.

“These network — indiscriminate killers. In them are sea turtles, dugongs, dolphins and whales,” says oceanographer Trevor long.

We will remind, the inhabitant of the village of Vatutine, Cherkasy oblast Eugene Podtserkovny during underwater hunting with a harpoon caught a carp weighing 24 kilograms. According to Eugene, it’s during the hunt dived to the bottom, although earlier sank to a depth of only 10 meters in a former granite quarry. Having dived, he saw on a passing carp.

“This time I was on the bottom. Karp stood over me at the depth of 8 meters. I took aim and fired. But that’s not all. The fish dragged me, not yet exhausted,” – said Rybak.

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