In Australia a homeless man broke into the radio, and kissed lead – news ZIK.UA

In Australia a homeless man broke into a radio station and kiss a leading transmission Tripple J Jen Frer.

The incident occurred on 5 September at the national public broadcasting Corporation of Australia, reports bagnet.

В Австралії безхатченко увірвався на радіостанцію і поцілував ведучу – новини ZIK.UA

According to the newspaper, the homeless guy past the guard, following one of the current employees. Thus, he managed to get into the broadcast Studio, where he went to the lead, grabbed her and kissed her, which caused a technical break to the radio. After that, the suspect fled.

Police found 31-year-old man at Grand Central station where he slept. He was charged with harassment, trespassing and assault. Also the attacker was subjected to forensic psychiatric examination.

The girl had needed help. On the background of the event, the management company intends to take measures to increase security.

As previously reported, the Brit caught and kissed the fish, and she sent him to the intensive care unit.

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