In AP don’t know who advertises Poroshenko in Facebook and across the country

В АП не знают, кто рекламирует Порошенко в Facebook и по всей стране

In the administration of the President of Petro Poroshenko not know about the levels of expenditure on maintenance and advertising page of the head of state on the social network Facebook and claim that you do not place outdoor advertising with his name.

This is stated in the AP response to a request for information of the Public movement “HONESTLY”, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

In particular, the question of the administration costs page in the AP’s President said don’t do that.

Meanwhile, “CHESNEY noted that the President’s page in Facebook how to publish information on the activities and position of Poroshenko, and a variety of videos and images that can be interpreted as advertising.

“The President’s page is one of the most popular among Ukrainian politicians. Signed up more than 1.4 million users, and the number of subscribers grows – from 2 July to 11 August, the number of “likes” the page has increased by almost 300 thousand At the same page at the same time advertise dozens of messages, some of them directly relate to the activities of the President, others simply urge to put “like” this page,” – noted activists.

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