Impeccable tango: Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin continue to surprise and delight

Безупречное танго: Оксана Марченко и Дмитрий Чаплин продолжают удивлять и восхищать

The most striking of the fourth dance of the show “dancing with the stars” became a passionate tango Oksana Marchenko and Dmitry Chaplin. Immaculate and surprisingly sensual. That is so remembered by the audience this dance.

The topic of our show was musicals and world cinema, so the participants of the project were turned into famous characters. All recognizable songs in the evening took a new turn, because it was accompanied by a memorable performance on the floor.

“Sometimes dance is a monologue. A cry or a whisper, a Manifesto or a call for help. Dance can say a lot — I knew it before, but now I know and often feel that this knowledge is given to every muscle. And sometimes it is a dialogue, case two. And tomorrow we will have a very serious conversation!” — written by Oksana Marchenko on the eve of the air in your Instagram, intrigued fans.

The dance was really memorable. Amazing tango performed by beauties teledive Oksana Marchenko and Vice-world champion in Latin program of Dmitry Chaplin was fascinated and delighted. Passion, sensuality, depth, nerves, strung like a string, is to remain indifferent was impossible. Especially that immortal song from the movie “Scent of a woman” created a special atmosphere. And the gorgeous costumes of the dancers this atmosphere was successfully complemented. Black glitter dress emphasized the fine figure of Oksana Marchenko — sports and at the same time fragile. Laid in a stylish hairstyle beautiful long hair complements the image. In awe of the fascinating action on stage was not only the audience but also the jury.

“Oksana, we wanted you more steps, and we got them,” said Vlad Yama, causing a storm of applause in the hall. The dance he called a worthy and confident, noting, however, some restraint performers. Dima Monatic thanked the couple for choosing music (sounded famous song of Carlos Gardel) and noted that the task handled.

But Catherine Kuhar focused on the apparent progress of the pair. “I really like that you know your strengths and weaknesses…” she said and added that the whole country is looking forward to the Oksana Marchenko next dance. Perhaps it will even be a “disco or hip-hop”.

Yeah, not to notice the amazing potential of dance Oksana Marchenko is simply impossible. Already after the first performances of the jury and the audience was impressed not only be a great form of Oksana, but her grace. And diligence and hard work. She’s not just dancing, it’s like she’s lived every dance. And because with each new speech the progress of the pair becomes all the more obvious.

Beauty TV presenter does not hide: it was magic to feel like the heroine of the film “Scent of a woman”. “The smell. No matter how many of these words, no matter how many views, how much you felt the touch of their man you’ll know by the smell. The smell of dinner when I crossed the threshold of the house in the evening, the smell of cut grass on the walk in the Park, the smell of the child, the morning smell of the pillow of a loved one. The smell of men. Scent of a woman. Great movie, great actor, great dance. I’m so happy that you could feel yourself in the place of the heroine,” — says Oksana.

Not indifferent to the dance and fans of Oksana Marchenko in social networks. Instagram television stars, video performance on the YouTube channel, Facebook page full of appreciative and enthusiastic posts. “So much soul invested in the dance… had the impression that you are in dance the life. Bravo!” “The dance was wonderful! So sensual and passionate! You are very beautiful, I would even say a classy lady! Your type will always be in fashion: the look, lips, manners, restraint, and nobility. Good luck to you!” “Oksanochka, you are a wonderful person! This pure, gentle, kind, very pleasant. I love you very much and my husband, by the way, too.” “Oksana, you were great! You were one with your partner in tango.”

Безупречное танго: Оксана Марченко и Дмитрий Чаплин продолжают удивлять и восхищать

“Well done! Only forward!” in one voice: good luck to the fans. And looking forward to the next performances of this beautiful pair. Next Sunday will again be a celebration of dance — the show goes on! No wonder the organizers of “Dancing with the stars ‒ 2018”, and she Oksana Marchenko at the start of this project promised to surprise and delight viewers.

Безупречное танго: Оксана Марченко и Дмитрий Чаплин продолжают удивлять и восхищать

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