Ilona Mask is a new girlfriend

Ilona Mask is a new girlfriend
Ilona Mask is a new girlfriend
At the Met Gala gala event, dedicated to fashion, American businessman, SpaceX creator and Tesla, Ilon Mask (Elon Musk) appeared with a new passion.

She was hip-hop singer Grimes (Grimes) – real name Claire Boucher. They first appeared together on the red carpet. As the insider stated, the celebrities met about a month ago on the Internet. Ilon Mask was going to lay out a tweet that describes a joke about a thought experiment related to the danger of artificial intelligence. It turned out that Grimes not only knew and understood this joke, but for a long time she posted it.

Ilon Mask became interested and began to communicate with the girl. It seems that the exchange of opinions has outgrown romance.

The billionaire has repeatedly opposed the development of artificial intelligence, as this constitutes a greater threat to people. In his opinion, sooner or later robots may want to gain dominance over us or destroy humanity.

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