I hope for a warm winter: “Naftogaz” has decided to reduce the amount of accumulation of gas in storage by 10% – expert

Надеемся на теплую зиму: «Нафтогаз» решил уменьшить объемы накопления газа в хранилищах на 10% - эксперт

Reserves of gas in Ukrainian storage facilities correspond roughly to the last year’s level, and if the winter is warm, they will be enough.

The correspondent of ГолосUA co-Chairman of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych.

Dmitry marunich said: “If the winter will be as warm as in 2017, and will not be prolonged cold, we won’t see any terrible, force majeure events”.

The expert said the situation in March of this year, which showed that even with sufficient gas reserves, a situation the deficit. Then for three days were forced to limit gas supplies to certain categories of consumers.

“This situation is, fortunately, not had more serious consequences,” – said the expert.

The expert believes that it is better to save 17 billion cubic meters of gas.

“However, the draft of the current year “Naftogaz”, which Groisman has not signed, is not expected this accumulation of gas (17 billion cubic meters). Let’s see how it all will end, what will be the volume, perhaps the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will be able to break the resistance of “Naftogaz”, but “Naftogaz of Ukraine” the Cabinet is not managed. There is an independent Supervisory Board, which decides what to do. COBOL has planned smaller volumes of accumulation of gas in storage is lower than the previous period by 10%. This, of course, negative history,” – said Dmitry Marunych.

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