I. garbaruk: “Under the guise of reform, we got the collapse of the country”

И. Гарбарук: «Под видом реформ мы получили развал страны»

In this year’s budget-2019 adopted in record time. Never before has the main financial document was not taken from us a month before the New year, and the deputies did not vote for him at dawn at 6.00 am. Such unprecedented speed and unprecedented discipline of Parliament is simple – the IMF set a severe condition: either Fund will give Ukraine $ 1.9 billion in January if Parliament adopts the budget for 2019 to December 1, or not. “Wishlist” deputies “pulled” at once for two budgets, of course, the vast majority of these amendments were rejected. However, a number of key and fundamental amendments to satisfy the appetites of the specific factions and groups were approved. About why the powers that be continue to drive our country into financial and economic impasse in an interview with ГолосUA said economist Igor garbaruk.

– Igor, how long our economy will be ruled by the wishes of a handful of people?

I want to remind a saying by Margaret Thatcher, who said at the time that political freedom without economic does not happen. And we, if not have his mind, we should learn it from someone. Figuratively speaking, to read books of the former Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Kuan yew about his vision for the world. To read books the reigning Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II “State in the third Millennium”. It’s all there. The tools are all described, and these tools were tested at the level of small countries. It is not necessary to invent anything. All there is today. Just in this case I still think that there should be common principles, which develops the state. And should not be the political will and the desire of those in power to live in this country.

– The desire to live in Ukraine, and not to leave it permanently in the near future?

– Of course, when you live in this country, you don’t buy a Villa on the Spanish coast, and your children are studying at the University of Shevchenko and at the Kiev national trade and economic University, and not somewhere in London. So this is an indicator of people “for” this country, or is it a resource for consumption, to make money.

– Ukraine is perceived as a country of temporary stay…

– Totally agree with you. It is necessary to clearly separate the concepts – this is for you “the Ukraine” or is it for you “Motherland Ukraine”. And if it’s your homeland, you’re going to do everything in order to progress. And the basis of this country is not earth, earth is the physical dimension of a person – each of us, his desires, his capabilities and his needs. If you combine the current RS 4200 (“minimal” – Ed.) cost money a few years ago, it may be noted that the consumer’s ability they will be absolutely and fundamentally different. The money now you can buy a minimum of 3-4 times less than you could buy a few years ago. Why, for example, no one thinks the origin of the sum of $ 90 per thousand cubic meters of gas, because actually the amount we had. How much cost us dollar in 2013 – UAH 8. That is, $ 100 – it was 800 UAH. And a thousand cubic meters of gas then cost 720 UAH. Not 8550 UAH to UAH 720! Let’s think about just the catastrophic different concepts. What have we got? We got under the guise of reform in fact, the collapse of the country.

– Corruption of the former government condemned the Maidan. But why now she blossomed riotous color?

– Yes, earlier too there was corruption. But, please tell us, ordinary Ukrainians, there is some difference, what was before corruption, if he was paying 720 UAH for gas, and now have to pay 8.5 thousand UAH? For him there is this difference?! Or we can say that there is no corruption?! When we see the heads of large public corporations that receive monthly salaries of one million, two million (and this is not only Naftogaz, Ukrgazvydobuvannya is, Ukrposhta, etc.). Like this? Figuratively speaking, we clearly understand that there is some kind of clan of the state managers who artificially pay large salaries. Accordingly, neither the NAB nor the other regulatory bodies then will not be able to find fault with him, because he says that the income of the official, salary received by all the laws. But while they have certain people be the amount of dirt that will keep them in one place, and they will do what is in the interests of certain oligarchic or financial institutions.

– How our orientation to European values?

– We love to focus on Europe, in the United States. For some reason we look to Europe as some kind of ideal, like some kind of iconostasis, we just pray. But they also have a bunch of their problems. And they solve them by such underdeveloped countries as we do. Think about it, why do we see the Supervisory Board of “Naftogaz”, the same Ukrposhta almost without exception foreigners? Again, Groisman said that we have here is not privatization. Again we shall find some foreigners who would advise us what to sell. The impression that in our country there are no smart people. We have the smartest people, who understand the complex processes, but all at the same time they do not need, and need another Abromavicius, Baltic bachelors who will come and do what is beneficial to someone. Accordingly, to summarize our emotional conversation, I will say a very simple thing: in fact only we can change the destiny of their country. But it should happen in any case not in a revolutionary way. This should occur by evolution, choice, and national consciousness. Not just the money here and now, and what you will have in the future – in 10, 15 years. The same to our migrants, migrant workers need to explain one simple thing – where they will receive a pension upon reaching retirement age. For example, in the United Arab Emirates do you work for, you have everything seems to be fine, a good salary, but you’re 60 years old and you say “bye!”. Go retire to where you were born. People will come here, and pensions had not. Accordingly, as soon as we begin to think in the long term, once we have some short-term outcomes refer to long-term, the only way we can differently to build your story. I often say that it is important for us to build a strong state, powerful or weak? So we need of Ukraine to create a kind of Switzerland, a kind of Singapore. We need to create the conditions for capital inflows, not to do so, the main inflow of capital was the money for our labor migrants. It would be beneficial to all, and the same ruling elite, but they do not understand. They live a very short, primitive term.

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