Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein married

Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein married
Hugh Grant and Anna Eberstein married
Actor Hugh Grant (Hugh Grant) for the first time in his 57 years is getting married.

The British actor associated a marriage site with his Swedish lover, who is a television producer, 39-year-old Anna Eberstein, in a modest civil ceremony on Friday, People and Reuters reported.

The pictures show Grant and Eberstein, who have three young children who left the London marriage registration office in London. Shining, they posed for photographers on the steps outside with a small group of relatives and friends.

A happy couple was dressed simply. Grant dressed in a dark blue suit and tie, showing a noticeably large engagement ring with three red stones. Eberstein was wearing a blue shirt that suited her husband’s costume.

The actor became a superstar, fighting on the screen for love, Charles with Andy McDowell in the British hit comedy “Four weddings and one funeral” in 1994.

The actor often had a long-term relationship with various stars, including the British star Elizabeth Hurley, but always rejected the idea of ​​marriage.

“I do not really believe in marriage,” Grant said in 2015. “In my life, I’ve seen very few good examples, maybe five, but I think at best it’s a recipe for mutual suffering.”

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