Hubble showed the cluster of galaxies in the constellation coma Berenices – news ZIK.UA

NASA got a new picture Hubble telescope. It is a cluster of galaxies in the constellation coma Berenices, which is at a distance of 300 light years from Earth.

This is stated on the NASA website misleading Contracts.

“An impressive cluster with a Comma (coma Berenices) – structure more than thousands of galaxies bound by gravity. Many of these galaxies – elliptical type, brighter than the other galaxy, which dominates in this image: NGC 4860 (center).

However, on the outskirts of the cluster are also located in the young spiral galaxy”, – stated in the message.

NASA scientists are paying attention to the galaxy NGC 4858, which is located on the left. It has certain characteristics.

The galaxy is surrounded by many clusters of the substance, glowing, which is probably learned from her. In addition, it is an active process of star formation.

Hubble показав скупчення галактик в сузір'ї Волосся Вероніки – новини ZIK.UA

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