How much do the rapkin’s teeth cost?

How much do the rapkin's teeth cost?
How much do the rapkin’s teeth cost?
Real jewels are put in your mouth by a Canadian rapper. The 31-year-old Drake ordered teeth from real platinum and gold. According to experts, their price is more than a million dollars. The famous jeweler Ben Baller produced expensive Drake teeth.

A new clip, in which the singer appeared with a “precious” smile, has already scored almost 44 million views on YouTube. Note that rapper Drake is one of the highest paid musicians in the world. Last year, he earned 92 million dollars.

One of the most popular hits Drake recently is the song In My Feelings. Under this song in the network have already arranged a real flash mob, which involves all comers, as well as celebrities. So, Lesya Nikityuk supported the flashmob and posted a funny video in her Instagram.

Earlier in the flash mob was attended by Hollywood actor Will Smith. The actor climbed onto the bridge in Budapest and decided to have a dance there. The whole process he shot on camera. “The last day in Budapest, I woke up at In My Feeleng, it was scary at the top,” the video actor signed.

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