Horror stories about the rate of 50 hryvnia per dollar are speculation – the economist

Страшилки о курсе 50 гривен за доллар являются спекуляцией - экономист

The devaluation of the hryvnia in Ukraine is not dependent on external creditors.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said economist Viktor Skarshevsky.

V. Skarshevsky added that all these horror stories about the need for the IMF tranche is not true.

“There is no catastrophe. We hear from international experts and even members of the National Bank of Ukraine about the fact that if there is no tranche of USD 1.9 billion, then the rate will be 50 UAH per dollar. It’s all speculation, having nothing in common with reality. The government and the national Bank are already happy just the possibility of the loan tranche, even not to the tranche,” – said the economist.

According to the expert, if not received tranche from the IMF, there are no problems in Ukraine will not. Foreign exchange reserves will increase to the end of this year from 18% to 19%. Receipt of foreign currency in Ukraine are growing, because today we have a raw material economy prevails. Metal prices in 2017, up 40%. This year for 4 months plus another 15% added. Export of labor also affects the stability of the national currency. For 2.5 years we got $ 2 billion from migrant workers. Over the past year, according to official data of the NBU, from migrant workers to Ukraine received 9.2 billion, and a record. This year we will get 11-12 billion dollars from migrant workers that far exceeds the trade deficit.

“Let me remind you that this time of year (and a year or two years ago) exchange rate in Ukraine were the same – 26 UAH per dollar, and it is certain stability”, – concluded V. Skarshevsky.

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