Historic mission: NASA has sent into space “Sunny” probe “Parker” (VIDEO)

Историческая миссия: NASA отправила в космос «солнечный» зонд «Паркер» (ВИДЕО)

National aerospace Agency of the USA (NASA) launched to the Sun the Delta IV Heavy rocket with the probe Parker.

Video of the historic moment posted on YouTube.

Start by tradition was held from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral in Florida (USA).

Originally the launch was planned for August 11, but it was postponed for 30 minutes due to problems with data transfer, and then was postponed for a day.

Probe Parker must investigate the solar atmosphere and solar wind. His mission for 8 years, during which the probe will approach the Sun at a record distance of six million kilometers. So Parker will be the first space ship that close to the solar surface.

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