Heart skips a beat: the Girl played with the doll at the edge of the balcony and scared others (VIDEO)

Сердце замирает: Девочка поиграла с куклой на краю балкона и испугала окружающих (ВИДЕО)

In Chile, playing on the edge of the balcony with a doll girl scared the neighbors and they called the police.

This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The incident occurred in the city of viña del Mar, valparaíso province. A little girl was playing on a ledge with no handrail, located at the fourth floor window at a height of about 12 meters. On the child’s behavior drew the attention of Manuel, the visitor is located in front of the hospital. He told the doctor about the baby, and he called the police.

“In that apartment there were people, including the girl’s mother. But she apparently was talking on the phone,” said Manuel. He admitted that the girl was playing at least a few minutes.

Did any measures by the police, is unknown.

Recall that in Peru possessed doll attacked the guy.

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