“He was an emotion of people”: Kuzma in the memoirs of his relatives, friends and colleagues

"He was an emotion of people": Kuzma in the memoirs of his relatives, friends and colleagues
“He was an emotion of people”: Kuzma in the memoirs of his relatives, friends and colleagues
Andrei Kuzmenko, Ukrainian singer, musician, leader of the group “Scriabin”, did not live to see his birthday three and a half years … Today, August 17, he would be 50 years old. But the birthday passes without the originator of the celebration. “In fact, for me this anniversary is not his anniversary, he would have been it if he had been alive.” He would have liked to see everything that is happening now himself, it would be the most valuable, “said in the commentary” Today “the widow of the musician Svetlana.

The parents of the musician, Olga Mikhailovna and Viktor Kuzmich, celebrate his son’s birthday without him for the fourth year .. “I prepared this book before Andryusha’s birthday, he was born on such a hot August, 17 at 2.00 pm This is my third book dedicated son, “Olga Mihajlovna told” Segodnya “in an interview with” Today “and shared her memories of her son,” He did not come out of nowhere, Andrei was born into a family where from generation to generation there were creative people or those who loved creativity, his great-grandfather and great-grandmother, being ordinary peasants, organize Did he have a whole choir performing in his house. “His grandmother was a teacher, and Grandpa was drawing.”

“I am proud of my son, because he lived a short but dignified life,” says Andrey’s father, Viktor Kuzmich, in the special project “Kuzma.,” Which was prepared by the Ukraina channel together with the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty.

In the same special project, Kuzma’s colleague and friend, Ruslana’s singer, says that he was an “emotion of people”. “We always need a person who will come and make the mood.” All people on the planet need a mood. ”

“It’s hard to believe that there’s no Andrey, he’s such a man with whom you could do absolutely everything on stage, you could do everything with music, creativity, in life, he was so free, so crazy, so crazy, so” “He was free inside.” If something limited him, he never said that it was his problem, he blamed the world, the environment and the atmosphere, that they are narrowing his space … “, the singer said.

It was Rusala and her husband Alexander Ksenofont who became the authors of the song-dedication to Kuzma “Tishi vidkryesh ochі”.

She was not the only one who honored the memory of a musician in his work. Leader of the group “Ocean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk his song “Hto in the sky to fly” dedicated the composition to Kuzma.

“I call him a brother in arms, he knew him well, this song was inspired by the tragic events of last year, when Kuzma was killed.” At first I did not intend to advertise that the song was dedicated to him, but then I thought: “Why not?” Vakarchuk on air radio Aristocrats.

According to singer Svetlana Tarabarova, she was always struck by the work of Andrei Kuzmenko, who tragically died three years ago in a terrible car accident. And although she did not communicate closely with Kuzma, she was so fond of his work that she bought all the CDs of the band. But most of all Svetlana liked the song “Places of happy people”, which always had a special meaning for her. “For some reason I always sang it with tears in my eyes, and this song became for me a hymn – a reminder of how important it is to be happy,” TARABAROVA told the backstage of the concert “Happy People’s Day, Ukraine!”, Which channel “Ukraine “will show August 24 at 21:00.

It seems that I just congratulated him on his 40th birthday, but today it is already 50 years old. ”
Viktor Bronyuk
The leader of the “TIC” group Viktor Broniuk and Kuzma were friends for many years. He says meetings with him have always been special: “When we met, there was such a tradition – to tell each other jokes, men’s ones, not for the public.” Victor still does not believe that Andrew is no more. “Recently, the place where this tragic event took place has passed, it’s been so long, but still it’s hard to believe.” It seems that I just congratulated him on his 40th birthday, and today it’s turned 50 “, he told the” Ukraine “channel.
The singer Olya Polyakova remembered warmly and lovingly about Kuzma. “We met Kuzma during the filming of the program” Spivay Yak Zirka “on the channel” Ukraine “, in which both took part in the role of judges.Throughout this period we became very friendly, even planned to go together to a Sting concert in Poland, tickets for which we Andrei was bought by his husband after the tragedy, and we planned to visit the concert and remember Andrei, because he was a music lover and liked to attend the speeches of his Western colleagues .I remembered him, I think, like a very, very bright and sincere person who loved life. it was easy for him and eseelo, all thanks to his extraordinary sense of humor. ”

With gratitude, the soloist of the group DZIDZIO Mikhail Khoma remembers about Andrey: “I also remember that Kuzma collected small models of cars, brought them from different countries, and tickets from concerts where he was.” We constantly remember Andrei and are very grateful to him for what he wrote, that at one time gave the “Spitz” in the right direction to the group DZIDZIO! We still do not believe it and it’s very lacking! “.

With Irina Bilyk, Kuzma planned to write a song: “Once we performed at pre-election concerts, I worked on the square, the group” Scriabin “- in the palace of culture, close. After playing the performance, I went to change clothes to the palace, and suddenly I heard that our duet begins I managed to take off my skirt, I stood in pantyhose, in shoes and a long white man’s shirt, nobody could stop me, I dropped everything and said: “There’s Scriabin”, there’s our song. “I’m without skirt ran to the stage, Andrei does not see me, sings, and then I enter. I went to my knees and started to sing along with him, I fall on my knees, I was very cool! I remember when I invited him to my solo concert, he told me: “Of course I will. Bilyk – you are a cool chuwikha! “We planned to record a new song, but those words turned out to be the last, we spoke with him on Saturday, and on Monday he did not become.”

One can not help recalling the well-known Ukrainian singer Natalia Mogilevskaya, who was Kuzma not just a colleague, but another: “I can not accept loss, my heart is bursting with pain.” He is a bright, kind, very cheerful person who will always remain my friend and partner for me. ”

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