Hawaii acne crept into the nose seal and killed him

На Гавайях угорь заполз в нос тюленю и убил его

Scientists have discovered one of the seals, whose nose was acne. Experts in the protection from the disappearance of monk seals in Hawaii reported that it is already the 3rd or 4th case in the last few years.

This writes N+1.

The eel was carefully extracted, but in the end still died, whereas the seal is not affected, the researchers report in a blog on the online platform of Nezapravlenny atmospheric and oceanic research. Scientists record the situation with the Hawaiian seal monks who are under threat of extinction over the period of 40 years, however, these sea creatures began increasingly to meet with got stuck in their noses by acne. Researchers today are unable to give a precise answer about the reasons for such a situation, not knowing whether to attribute it to coincidence, or some features of the behavior of young animals of seals.

“Monk seals in Hawaii are looking for food, poking its face into the sand, coral reefs, crevices under rocks. This will allow them to find victims tend to hide. This category includes and blackheads. The latter, presumably, being in a deadlock, trying to defend himself or to escape. Another version is the regurgitation of acne seal. The “exit” of the victim through the nose instead of the mouth provokes the situation.”, — stated in the message.

Scientists emphasize that all marked seals that have nose blackheads found, carefully caught for getting rid of trapped victims. In the end, the eels were killed and the seals did not suffer.

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