“Hairy cave trolls” scared tourists in Thailand (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

«Волосатые пещерные тролли» напугали туристов в Таиланде (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

A group of tourists went on a boat around the Islands of Thailand and in the area of Railay, Krabi province, suddenly came upon the creatures, the form of which got them scared and alarmed.

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«Волосатые пещерные тролли» напугали туристов в Таиланде (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

The creature looked like a hairy cave trolls, or the ewoks from “Star wars”, while they made some kind of musical cacophony with strange instruments. One creature was sitting on a rock and it was clear his densely “covered with hair” back.

The others stood or walked in waist-deep water and carried out some religious ritual. “What the hell’s going on?” – asked one of the tourists named Jemail Khawaja, seeing these APE-like creatures and started to take “trolls” in the video.

“We sailed on the kayaks around the Bay’reilly, and then turned to the cave and saw probably the most surreal and bizarre sight in my life,” said Khawaja journalists

“It lasted for 30 minutes and the ewoks or the trolls have conducted something of a musical ritual in the water.” After Khawaja told about the incident and showed the video, the journalists decided to do an investigation… and found out that this scene with the “trolls” was actually a musical performance by the Norwegian artist and singer tori Branes.

That is, these strange creatures were people in costumes. Vranes works in the genre of indie/alternatively and long used in their images of hairy trolleyology creatures.

Earlier Turkmenistan has found an unknown eyeless creature.

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