Gyula Thurmer: “Ukraine has implemented the worst of capitalism”

Дьюла Тюрмер: «В Украине реализуется худший вариант капитализма»

In mid-July at a solemn meeting on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Communist party of Ukraine and the 25th anniversary of its restoration Kyiv was visited by representatives of the left political forces across Europe. Unlike our country, in the European Union do not prohibit Communists, the Communist and workers ‘ parties represented in the national parliaments and even the European Parliament, where they occupy an entire faction. We asked how in Europe appreciate the attacks on the Communist party and what they think about the regime established here in 2014, the President of the Hungarian workers ‘ party (GRP) Gyula Thurmer.

– What is the support of the Communist party of Ukraine from GRP?

– Ukraine and Hungary neighbors. Our party is closely monitoring developments in Ukraine and we are worried about the fate of the Communists of Ukraine. First, we Express our solidarity. Second, support the Communist party of Ukraine in all international forums. Thirdly, when it comes to the interests of the Communist party of Ukraine, we organize a variety of events. I well remember a demonstration in front of the Embassy of Ukraine in Budapest, when he wanted to ban the Communist party. We strongly opposed this. Last but not least I can say that we keep in touch through our local organizations – between Debrecen area, Hungary and the Transcarpathian organizations of the CPU you have.

– How do you assess what is happening in Ukraine at the power that came in 2014?

Unfortunately, as in Hungary, in Ukraine came to power of the forces of capitalism. To build a society based on money and the pursuit of profit, instead of realize the interests of the individual. In addition, Ukraine is the worst version of capitalism with a Frank vivid nationalism of the fascist elements. I know what the Great Patriotic war for the peoples of the Soviet Union, which means liberation for our people, and we can’t accept that now begin to remember in the positive sense of the collaborators who collaborated with the Germans-the Nazis. We remember the heroism of the sons of Ukrainian, Russian and other peoples of the USSR, who gave his life for our release.

– And in Hungary itself are collaborators – Horthy and so on? For Hungary this is true?

Of course, the country is now engaged in its history, and the authorities of Hungary is also considering it and trying to re-evaluate the events of the great Patriotic war. Nevertheless, we think that no matter what the Alliance is today Hungary was not Germany, during world war II, Hungary was on the bad side, on the side of Nazi Germany. To rewrite history we will not allow.

– For the last time Ukraine entered the conflict with Hungary. This is especially true for the seventh (language) article in our education act. In Hungary really look at this situation? Now I think in Hungary about such norms of the Ukrainian legislation?

– Representatives of national minorities, including Hungarian, should have the right to learn their language. The Hungarian language is the native language of Hungarians live here in Transcarpathia, not only among other strata of the Ukrainian population, but also themselves. This means that in the family they speak Hungarian, just like in school, and kindergartens. They should be given the opportunity to learn and to continue their studies in the Hungarian language. Another question – we absolutely agree that Hungarians living in Ukraine are Ukrainian citizens, of course, have to master the Ukrainian language, if you want to secure your future. The Hungarian government refers to the fact that Ukraine adopted the Constitution and the laws and the practice that I want to implement in Ukraine contradicts the Constitution of Ukraine and its laws, not to mention some of the so-called European norms. If the peoples of Europe came to certain agreements on minority rights, then you need to respect these rights.

– Do you think Ukraine can come to power sensible political forces and change the terrible crisis in the country?

Over these days I had the opportunity to walk around the city, I have been many times in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. I see with my own eyes that the majority of Ukrainian people live badly, much worse than living in the Soviet Union, much worse than living in neighbouring countries. We, Hungarians, are too poor, but we live better than in Ukraine. The current government in Ukraine fully depends on the support of the European Union, USA, from their money, their material, military and other assistance. We need to allow the Ukrainian people to choose their own path. I am convinced that in Ukrainian society there are sane forces that will sooner or later come to this conviction, the conclusion, and Ukraine will once again become a truly independent state.

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