Groisman said, how much should increase the tariffs for heat

Гройсман сообщил, на сколько должны вырасти тарифы на тепло

Due to the increase gas prices by 23% heat tariffs could rise no more than 16%.

This broadcast one of the national channels said the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman, transfers a press-service of the government.

“When I hear that the tariffs for heat and water may increase by 70%, my question is: why should this happen? People need to understand that the issue of gas prices is important for the formation of tariffs. But we figured if gas went up 23%, heat tariffs should not rise more than 16%,” – said Groisman.

“If we are talking about 70%, so somebody under the guise wants to play and multiple to increase the price of heat, and the responsibility to hang on to someone else,” he added.

Earlier it was reported that the heat tariffs in Kiev may grow by a third.

Recall, the Cabinet meeting on 19 October adopted a decision on 1 November 2018 to increase gas prices for population by 23%, so that Ukraine can get IMF loan.

After the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers about the increase in gas prices, the IMF issued a statement, according to which the international monetary Fund and Ukraine have reached agreement on a new 14-month program of support to the economic policy of stand-by, which will replace the programme of the eff, which expires in March 2019.

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