Green apples and buckwheat will increase the concentration of attention – the doctor

Зеленые яблоки и гречка повысят концентрацию внимания - врач

To get to work, to concentrate and gain strength, enough to include in the diet a few open source products. In particular, green apples, buckwheat and black bread and ripe pomegranates in season, will help to gather and quickly assimilate information.

The correspondent of ГолосUA the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya.

For the coordinated work of the body, and also for the productivity of the brain, we constantly need to be fed iron. This trace mineral many people today are sorely lacking. To make up for his lack of, especially when you need to concentrate and to handle voluminous information in a short time, will help green apples, buckwheat or brown bread.

Also has a positive effect chicken or beef liver, and in the season of ripe pomegranates.

“Many knowledge workers complain of periodic memory loss. To fix this situation, and better and to prevent it, it would be better to include in your diet carrots, pineapple, avocado. Especially before the big day, meeting the Il exam it is recommended to include in the diet such products are, for example, having prepared them a salad,” advised.

Better fill it with olive or mustard oil. To perceive new information help foods rich in vitamins of group B. To do this more often to include in your diet seafood, and eat a handful of nuts. And get rid of the feeling of “heavy head” will help glucose, which is an excellent source of energy for nerve cells.

“But do not forget that the results obtained from pastries, cakes and sweets, the glucose rapidly enters the blood, but its concentration in the blood is reduced. But these snacks have a negative impact on the figure. Therefore to obtain all the necessary elements much more useful and expedient vegetables and fruits, granola or dried fruits”, – said the expert.

In addition, when a constant workload and mental work is important vitamin C, which helps the blood vessels of the brain. To eat rich food daily, so as to postpone “for emergency” the body simply can not. Because daily diet should contain a choice of any fresh seasonal berries, grapefruit, glass of frozen in season currant or natural juice of these berries, a couple of oranges or fresh sauerkraut. will help improve cerebral blood flow.

The speed of the thoughts is directly related to the presence in the body of calcium and potassium. Because we should organize at work snack of cheese and tomatoes, a great snack to recharge the brain will also be cottage cheese with dried apricots and prunes.

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