Google is going to abandon the URLS for security purposes

Google собирается отказаться от URL-адресов в целях безопасности

Google intends to refuse in the near future from the standard URLS of the sites.

About it writes Wired.

According to the company, must be abandoned for the greater safety of users.

For example, when you enter an address the user can mistype, which is a risk of redirecting him on a dangerous page. Currently, the company has not identified a solution to this problem, but her plan needs to be provided in 2019.

And while the protection is triggered due to several decisions. In particular, Google Chrome warns the user if the site works over an insecure Http Protocol. In addition, it analyzes web pages and informs about the potential dangers of hacking.

Also, previously, Google acknowledged the partial tracking of the GEODATA user, even if they did not give their consent.

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