Gene mutation: In Australia found a possum, which is similar to pokemon Pikachu – news ZIK.UA

Генна мутація: В Австралії знайшли опосума, який схожий на покемона Пікачу – новини ZIK.UA

In Australia found a possum, which is similar to pokemon’s Pikachu from the cartoon series. An animal is unnatural for their species coat color and similar to the popular hero.

It is reported portal Stuff, writes

In the Australian city of Melbourne local resident found a strange animal and brought her to the clinic. It turned out that it was a possum, which has bright orange hair. The similarity with the cartoon character “Pokemon” in the network it was called Pikachu.

The doctor explained that the unusual colour of the coat is triggered by a low level of melanin. The animal is actually Nepalese. The clinic said that it is not the first time such mutations in opossums.

The real Pikachu is very fond of Internet users that can create demand for such trapping possums as Pets.

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