Gas tariff for households will increase from 50%.

Тариф на газ для домохозяйств повысится сразу на 50% - эксперт

The international monetary Fund from a Ukraine asks for nothing, he says was fulfilled at the time of the obligation.

The correspondent of ГолосUA co-Chairman of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych.

“Unfortunately, such a picture emerges that the gas tariff for households will increase from 50%. As regards enterprises, the industry gas tariff is revised according to current market prices the cost of imported gas. Every month the tariff is expensive, but if it is cheaper, it is also being revised towards cheaper”, – said Dmitry Marunych.

The expert said that the IMF we did not require, he says, carry out the undertaken in their time commitments.

“The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman is unable to resist further, he has to perform 187 the decision, which by the Cabinet of Ministers at the time accepted. It is taken in the framework of the existing Memorandum with the IMF, so there’s nowhere to retreat. It is necessary to carry out the undertaken in their time commitments. For import parity based formula that the regulation contains, the estimated growth rates of approximately 50% to the current indicators,” – said Dmitry Marunych.

The expert added that, of course, is a lot. This will lead to a drastic revision of tariffs for hot water and heat, the growth rates for other providers of housing services, because the gas companies Teplokommunenergo occupies the largest proportion for other types of services as well.

Dmitry Marunich considers two scenarios after the increase in tariffs for heating and hot water for the population. The first is the accumulation of debt if the regulator – NKREKP – rapidly raise rates. The second is a sharp increase in the burden on household budgets with the corresponding attempts of these households qualify for subsidies.

“To raise tariffs for heating the Ukrainians may suddenly and immediately, while are prerequisites to gas prices we sharply increased”, – concluded the expert.


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