Garnet cleanses the blood and lowers cholesterol – medic

Гранат чистит кровь и снижает холестерин - медик

Pomegranate – known way to strengthen the immune system, which contains a lot of vitamins and valuable microelements that are beneficial to all internal organs.

The correspondent of ГолосUA told the dietician Lyudmila Babich.

“Pomegranates – a natural cure for a huge number of ailments, which also is rich in vitamins and trace elements. Pomegranates perfectly purify the blood from harmful “toxins” and speed up the recovery from colds and flu. The seeds contains four essential vitamins: C – strengthens the immune system, R – renews and strengthens blood vessels, B6 – protects nervous system, vitamin B12 – improves the blood formula,” says nutritionist Lyudmila Babich.
The pomegranate contains many tannins, it is because the fruits have a strong disinfecting action. Moreover, most of these substances are not in the seeds and in the bark of the tree or in the skins of the fruit.

“If you or other inflammation accompanied by pain, should eat the fruit together with seeds – they contain substances that have analgesic properties. Garnet is also recommended for headaches and menstrual cramps,” added the doctor.

Garnet – an essential fruit for those who have high cholesterol because it avoids large amounts of meat in the diet. After all, garnet is able to compensate for the lack of many elements and amino acids that the body loses. For this reason grenades are very useful for vegetarians.

“Pomegranate is rich in the essential nutrients that are responsible for the coordinated work of all systems of the body – C, P, B6 and B12. Because ruby fruit significantly improve immunity, strengthen blood vessels and support the heart, soothe the nerves and improve the blood. And they promote weight loss, cell renewal, improve the appearance and slow the aging process,” added the nutritionist.
Pomegranate juice has long been used as a means of normalizing the work of gastrointestinal tract. Experts recommend drinking a decoction of the rind of the fruit from the intestinal dysbiosis – helps many medications.

Due to the huge amount of antioxidants, pomegranates are recognized as an effective prevention of cancer. Their regular use significantly reduces the risk of breast cancer – many studies have shown.

By the way, pomegranate is very effective against insomnia. Folk medicine recommends to dry “membrane” separating the pomegranate into pieces and add to the evening tea – this drink is very relaxing and nourishes the body with minerals and calms the nervous system, making sleep deeper and more healthy.

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