Funny video: Cumberbatch showed how to respond to bad gifts (VIDEO)

Забавное видео: Камбербэтч показал, как нужно правильно реагировать на плохие подарки (ВИДЕО) 

On the YouTube channel Silence Place was a video in which British actor Benedict Cumberbatch has told how to react on useless gifts and not to offend friends.

Video appeared on the YouTube channel Silence Place.

The actor believes, in search of gifts for friends and family to spend time and money, so often they invest in a present heart or some idea. If the person at the last moment remembered the present is too the thought of you, says Cumberbatch.

The actor then showed how you need to react to the terrible and useless gifts. The authors of the movie made him a few packages which had books, candle, socks and other small items. According to him, a bad gift will not harm you, but negative reaction, it can ruin the relationship with the one who brought.

Earlier, B. Cumberbatch came to Kiev in the spring season of the festival “the British theater in cinema.”

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