Foreign criminals in Denmark are going to send to a remote island – news ZIK.UA

Іноземних злочинців Данія збирається висилати на віддалений острів – новини ZIK.UA

Foreign offenders sentenced to deportation from Denmark, will in future be sent to a remote island Lindholm. This decision is the result of a compromise between the government and antiimmigration Danish people’s party in the question of the budget for the year 2019.

About it writes “true European”, referring to The Telegraph.

The representative of the Danish people’s party, said: “Foreign criminals have no reason to be in Denmark. While we can’t get rid of them, we will translate them to the island Lindholm where they will be required to stay in a new deportation centre. There will be police around the clock”.

On Lindholm to contain asylum-seekers whose applications were rejected and who were convicted of crimes, as well as foreign citizens without a residence permit, but cannot be deported for legal reasons.

For example, some of those whom I must keep at the facility, are stateless, and the rest from countries that do not have readmission agreements with Denmark.

The public does not have access to Lindholm, who used to study viruses such as mad cow disease and swine fever. The research center will move to Copenhagen.

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