For six months the Ministry of Finance borrowed to pay off debt 87 billion hryvnia

За полгода Минфин одолжил для погашения госдолга 87 миллиардов гривен

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine for the first six months of 2018 brought in a budget 86,851 billion UAH in the framework of public debt management.

About it reports a press-service of the state Treasury.

Most of the money brought in vnutrennem the market for external borrowing amounted to only 2.7 billion UAH. While the repayment of the previously borrowed debt, the government has spent 104,725 billion Of these payments on the external debt amounted to 23,764 billion.

Experts believe that the real (3.5%) and nominal (19%), GDP growth, and the absence of the primary government budget deficit, reinforce the downward trend in the level of debt. This, in turn, can be reflected by the increase in international credit ratings required for external debt refinancing from private capital markets. In 2017 the level of public debt declined from 81% to 72%, and in 2018 are expected drawdown to 65%.

Recall that on 13 July, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during the “hour of questions to the government” in Parliament said that the EU entered into force the decision on granting Ukraine a billion euros. Thus, Ukraine is obliged to pay until 2024 33 billion dollars of external debt.

“From 2005 to 2013 in Ukraine generated more than $50 billion of debt. They were borrowed and spent on what is unknown. In 2014 we serviced these debts. For their service every year we need to raise about $5 billion Over the next 5 years we need to return $33 billion,” – said the head of government.

Groisman also said that for the repayment of these obligations, Ukraine is again forced to borrow from lenders – approximately $ 5 billion every year.

In addition, April 13, live on TV channel “inter” Ukrainian Prime Minister said that Ukraine has a very large debt.

Only this year for their service we need to pay 130 billion hryvnias (about $ 5 billion). The Prime Minister said this amount was unaffordable. While he has previously said that from 2007 to 2014, Ukraine has received loans amounting to $46 billion.

Groisman wants to reduce the amount of borrowings, growth of the economy and the resumption of lending from the IMF. For this you need to perform all the necessary conditions to create an anti-corruption court and to set the price of gas.

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