“For life” and “opposition bloc” United opposition platform

«За життя» и «Оппоблок» объединились в оппозиционную платформу

Today, November 9, leaders of opposition political forces – the Chairman of the party “For life” the people’s Deputy Vadim Rabinovich and head of the parliamentary faction of the Opposition bloc MP Yuriy Boyko signed an agreement to merge and create a “United opposition platform For life”.

This policy stated at a joint briefing, which was broadcasted by leading TV channels.

“Today, the bad news for the current government. She’s trying to stay on the spot quarreled with everyone in the country, with neighbors, doing everything to stop Ukraine’s movement forward. We invite all opposition forces to join our Association and to make the lives of citizens happy,” – said Yuri Boyko.

In turn, Vadim Rabinovich called the basic principles that will uphold the new platform.

“Today is a historic day for Ukraine, because it created a platform for opposition forces which must unite to stop the Orgy of power. There are three points on which we clearly agree, and on which we invite you to unite all. The first installation of unconditional peace in the country. The second end to the economic genocide of the Ukrainian people. And the third is the creation of an independent neutral country, Switzerland of Eastern Europe”, – said the leader of the party “For life”.

He expressed confidence that the new platform will include dozens of political forces. Policy at a joint briefing also stated that the platform of the opposition will go to parliamentary elections and will nominate a single candidate for President. But about who will be the single candidate, not yet reported, citing the continued consultations on this issue.

“Our platform will unite those who put the interests of Ukraine above their own. We will not share positions and places. The main one is to stop the genocide and chaos that is happening in the country” – summed up Vadym Rabinovich.

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