For III YOG-2018 Oleg doroshuk won bronze in the high jump – news ZIK.UA

На ІІІ ЮОІ-2018 Олег Дорощук виграв «бронзу» в стрибках у висоту – новини ZIK.UA

Ukraine got the first medal in athletics at the III summer Youth Olympic games-2018 in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires.

Ukrainian high jumper Oleg doroshuk won a bronze medal at the III Youth Olympic games in Buenos Aires, according to

Oleg doroshuk twice finished third on two stages of the competition. First, on October 11, he finished third, breaking a height of 209 cm And yesterday, October 14, he took 214 see

Thus 17-year-old athlete from Kropiwnicki scored the third sum (423 cm) and won a bronze medal. And the champion of the YOG in 2018 was the Chinese long Chen – 435 see

Now in the asset of the national team of Ukraine at the III Youth Olympic games-2018 13 medals: four gold, four silver and five bronze medals.

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