For III YOG-2018 Anastasia Prozorova got silver in badminton – news ZIK.UA

На ІІІ ЮОІ-2018 Анастасія Прозорова здобула «срібло» у бадмінтоні – новини ZIK.UA

At the III summer youth Olympic games in 2018, which continues in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Ukrainian Anastasiya Prozorova and her teammates Omega has won “silver” in competitions of mixed teams.

According to the official website of the NOC of Ukraine in the final of the team is 17-year-old gave us a real fight, but still lost to rivals from Abilene (106:110).

Together with our Anastasia in the second step of a podium there ascended Markus Barth from Norway, Oscar from New Zealand, Kim Chan Ho with FDI, Kulavat Wthdrawn from Thailand, Juan Insaan from Taiwan, Leons UE from France and Woo Those EN Tu from Vietnam.

Note that this is the first Olympic medal in the history of the Ukrainian badminton.

“Of course, I’m a little upset due to the fact that failed to win the gold medal in the team competition. However, I am very pleased to have this medal! Every athlete on our team gave 100% and fought to the end,” commented his success Anastasia Prozorova.

Recall that in the semi-final of the mixed team competition Nastia was found on the Playground with his compatriot-colleague in the national team of Ukraine Daniil Bonuscom.

“The game in the semifinals against team Daniel had been very difficult, because they were part of strong athletes, but the presence of compatriot, the second half was more difficult for me this fight,” added she.

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