For fear of death, the British lost 110 pounds (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Из-за боязни смерти британка похудела на 110 килограммов (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

The Briton Maxine Wren lost 110 pounds after the doctors predicted her impending death.

About it reports The Mirror.

After another visit to hospital a 33-year-old teacher, weighed 176 pounds, seriously afraid of death. The woman said that without lifestyle changes or gastric bypass surgery, she can not live more than a year.

Из-за боязни смерти британка похудела на 110 килограммов (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

Besides, the doctors gave disappointing forecasts for the surgery. When Wren learned that her sister was pregnant, she decided that she could not die without seeing his nephew.

The woman went to slimming centre and for the first week dropped five pounds. After that, the teacher refused from the junk food and start to bring to work, home cooked healthy food.

Wren didn’t give up for three years and was down to 65.5 kg. During this time the woman managed to get married and to receive the title woman of the year from organizations that provide assistance to people with obesity.

Previously, a blogger from Indiana, lost 140 pounds and regretted. The woman had to endure a nine-hour surgery to remove pounds of saggy skin. Before scientists found a way to lose weight quickly at all.

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