For 7 months Ukraine bought Russian oil of $ 1 billion

За 7 месяцев Украина купила российских нефтепродуктов 1 миллиард долларов

Ukraine in January-July 2018 increased imports of oil products in monetary terms by 31.5% in comparison with January-July 2017 – up to 2,753 billion dollars.

According to tax statistics, import of oil products from Russia in monetary terms amounted to 1.01 billion dollars (36,71% of the cost of oil imports), from Belarus – 1,11 billion (40,37%), from Lithuania – 262,7 billion dollars (of 9.54%). From other countries during the reporting period, imported oil products for 368,285 million dollars.

During the reporting period, Ukraine imported 4,165 million tons of oil products.

While Ukraine exported 253,4 thousand tons of petroleum products worth 139,4 million dollars.

It is worth Recalling that in Ukraine due to the devaluation of the hryvnia will continue to rise gasoline prices.

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