Flying taxi over 180 thousand dollars fell into the snow a moment later flight (VIDEO)

Летающее такси из России за 180 тысяч долларов рухнуло в сугроб спустя минуту полета (ВИДЕО)

Russian prototype flying taxi, developed in SKOLKOVO, fell during the first public presentation.

As reported by TJ, the device rose into the air for a moment, flew a few meters and collapsed in the snow.

“We don’t know what happened. We need to remove the data from the flight control, to look at telemetry to see how practiced flight controller control signals from the operator. We don’t know is a programming error or operator error,” said the CEO of the company that developed the prototype.

Perhaps the unit is off in the middle of the flight due to the fact that cold after a long wait beginning of the tests.

The prototype air taxi is the drone, worth 180 thousand dollars.

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