Finland on the border with Russia will build a fence to protect against wild boars – news ZIK.UA

Фінляндія на кордоні з Росією побудує паркан, щоб захиститись від диких кабанів – новини ZIK.UA

Finland takes active measures to prevent threat of African swine fever virus. On the Eastern border of the plan to build a fence of steel mesh from the wild boars that transmit the virus.

This writes YLE, writes “European true”.

While the country did not detect ASF virus.

“African swine fever is very insidious, because distributed through the meat. The virus is very resistant to high temperatures. A lot of pork products do not pass heat treatment over 80 degrees – at this temperature, the virus dies.

Sausage, ham and pork products in General are usually prepared at low temperatures, that is, the virus may be in the smoked sausage, and other pork products,” – said adviser to the Ministry of agriculture and forestry Kathy Lavon.

The fence will stretch from the South-Eastern Finland and in Kainuu (province highlighted in the map).

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