Filaret denies his words about the property of the UOC-MP

Filaret denies his words about the property of the UOC-MP
Filaret denies his words about the property of the UOC-MP
In the UOC-KP, the headlines of the media about the patriarch’s statement as untruths were called. Filaret himself assured that they will not take temples.

Patriarch of Kiev and All Russia-Ukraine Filaret said that after the recognition of a single Ukrainian Orthodox Church, no one intends to seize the property of the UOC-MP. He stated this after his words that the Moscow Patriarchate has no property in Ukraine.

“There will be no violence after Tomos, and property will belong to the communities, as now,” he stressed.

Filaret stressed that “no one will go to seize the monastery” – this is a provocation.

According to him, the churches and property belong to the communities, parafies, which are part of the patriarchy structure. And the communities have the right to freely move to another patriarchate and the property also goes along with them.

“We have in fact shown that we ourselves expose and condemn ourselves against violence in the Lavra issue and those who want to commit violence allegedly in favor of the Ukrainian Church,” said the patriarch.

He also added that the church’s position is that when more than two-thirds of the community decided at a general meeting that it was necessary to move from one patriarchate to another, then society should preserve property, and the minority has the right to build another temple or equip the building.

“If a simple majority, two thirds, decided, then it is necessary to hold a series of divine services so that both parts of the former one community – both the majority and the minority – have the right to use the church,” the commentary of the head of the UOC-KP says.

The archbishop of the UOC-KP, Eustratiy Zorya, also stated that the headlines in the media that “the UOC will take all the real estate from the Moscow Patriarchate” are false and Filaret could not say such words.

Earlier, Filaret said that after the recognition of the united Ukrainian Orthodox Church, all the churches that now occupy the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine will become the property of the UOC-KP. He noted that the property of the church in Ukraine is the property of the Ukrainian church.

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