Fiance Regina Todorenko almost lost his eye saving his beloved (PHOTOS)

Жених Регины Тодоренко едва не потерял глаз, спасая возлюбленную (ФОТО)

Future husband, Ukrainian singer and former host of the project “heads and tails” received a serious eye injury. Russian musician Vlad Topalov, which Regina todorenko expecting a baby, injured his eye on a family holiday. The misfortune happened on the birthday of his sister. Careful with sparklers Vlad had to seek medical help.

About the incident she told Regina in Instagram.

The singer now calls the bridegroom, the one-eyed pirate and not get tired to thank a loved one for salvation. After all, its place could be it.

“We celebrated the birthday of Alina Topalov, so beautifully and emotionally, but all messed up sparklers, which the wind scattered in different directions. Vladislav Mikhailovich kindly asked me to hide for him that I didn’t got the fire, and he caught the eye scale and got burned. Saved me, my hero,” said Regina.
By the way, after contacting the doctors, Vlad returned to the restaurant, where he continued a family holiday. Regina now jokes that “in the left eye I seem much prettier.”

Жених Регины Тодоренко едва не потерял глаз, спасая возлюбленную (ФОТО)

Recall, 28-year-old Regina todorenko and 32-year-old Vlad Topalov a few months ago confirmed their romantic relationship. And recently, Regina todorenko, spoke about the future wedding and childbirth. The child should will be born at the end of this year.

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