Expert: resignation of Deputy Stepan Kubiv resigned “in English” is the signal about the failure of plans for Ukrainian exports

Эксперт: Уход зама Кубива в отставку «по-английски» - это сигнал о провале планов по украинскому экспорту

In September 2018 the post of Deputy Minister of economic development and trade (MEDT) took Natalia Mykolskiy. Its dismissal can be explained by the fact that the Ministry failed plans to export.

This commentary, ГолосUA said General Director of Ukrainian Association of trade networks suppliers Oleksiy Doroshenko.

“I think the head of the Ministry S. Kubiv, said changing the so-called “basket” of export goods exactly because about two weeks ago resigned Natalia Mykolska, who was his Deputy, she was responsible for trade and was also a sales representative. Accordingly, she was responsible for the entire Ukrainian export. She just left and exactly for the reason that the direction of Ukrainian exports was voted down. There were a lot of announcements of bilateral agreements with different countries, but, first, these agreements are first discussed, and then lie.. it takes time. Second, Ukraine as a country with low added value of these agreements is disadvantageous, because the country with higher economic level, she always we will score a few goals more. Therefore, any such agreement would complicate the situation,” – said the expert.

A. Doroshenko also expressed the opinion that N. Gaina as part of their official duties not previously performed the task.

“Probably N.Nikolskoe was “hands are tied”, she realized that there is nothing to report and nothing. And you’ve seen what she left in English, without saying goodbye, which, in principle, suggests that if it was for that to account for exports and the prospect of Ukrainian exports, it would be all good. But Mykolska, apparently assessing the situation, realized that it is better to leave now than to shovel later. And now the topic of exports, the Ministry is engaged in a universal (Deputy Minister of MEDT – ed.) Max Nefyodov. He does all of. Now he’s trade deals”, – said the expert.

A. Doroshenko also noted that after the dismissal of N. Nikolskoy in the Ministry it will be difficult to decide what tactics to choose for the development of export direction.

“I can say that no one in the country in our country does not understand what is happening with exports. I see that we are not going to fly as planned, the engines had stalled. All so sad. We can be no economic development, because domestic investment we don’t have enough, and foreign investment, as you know, a year and a half will not come to us. The only thing we can expect is for export, if we are talking about filling the state budget”, – said the analyst.

Recall that in Ukraine will develop a balanced “basket” of goods for export. This was during a meeting of the Council on international trade said the Minister of economic development and trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv, reports UNN.

“One of the tasks of the Council for international trade is the monitoring of implementation of the export strategy of Ukraine, which is already being implemented comprehensively. Tomorrow will start the Second national consultation on the development of sectoral and cross-sectoral export strategies to offer the world a balanced “basket” of both existing and new Ukrainian goods and services and to increase Ukrainian exports,” – said Kubiv.

He noted that the implementation of the export strategy occurs in two stages. The first is a Road map of strategic trade development, which in December 2017 approved by the government. The second stage is the development of sectoral and cross-sectoral export strategies to facilitate the transition of Ukraine to exports of high technology products for sustainable development and success in world markets.

Also in the supplementary material States that in the past year increased the volume of exports in a few sectors. In the sector of food production and processing industry the share of the sector is 17.2%, exports $ 7.4 billion in stock. The volume of exports increased by 1 billion dollars. The share of the sector of engineering products is 11.7% of exports, the export volume is 5.1 billion us dollars, increased by $ 715 million. The share of the creative services sector is 10.0% export volume of $ 1.1 billion increased by $ 119,2 million. The share of the sector of information and communication materials accounted for 16.4%, the volume of 1.8 billion us dollars, increased by 116,7 million dollars. However, the share of sector maintenance and repair of aircraft is 1.1% of exports of services of Ukraine, the export volume is around 121,7 million dollars. The volume of exports decreased by 95,0 million USD (0,1%). In General, in 2017 Ukraine exported goods and services in the EU by 20.2 billion.

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