Eva Longoria first showed her son’s face

Eva Longoria first showed her son's face
Eva Longoria first showed her son’s face
June 19 43-year-old Eva Longoria and her husband, 50-year-old Jose Baston became parents, the birth of their son Santiago Enrique. Today, July 31, the baby with his mother decorated the cover of the American HOLA !.

In the latest issue of the magazine, you can find not only delicate photographs of a newborn baby, but also an interview with an actress, in which she told how her life changed, how she could change her busy schedule to participate in numerous projects. The celebrity also told how the children from the first marriage of Baston (Natalia, Mariana and Jose) reacted to the news that they had a younger brother, and how they all together chose a name for him.

In the intervals between the shootings, Eva had time to feed her baby and told how she feels in the role of mother, as well as about the plans for the future,
– said the editor-in-chief Miguel Sergado. The author of the photo shoot was Bernardo Doral.

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