Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham – friendship, verified by time and distance

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham - friendship, verified by time and distance
Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham – friendship, verified by time and distance
It’s no secret that in the world of show business everyone knows each other and often even favors – celebrities meet at social events, have fun together at the same parties and spend time in a more informal atmosphere. However, the real friendship of the stars is not so often. Today we are just talking about one of such examples. How and why did the 43-year-old Eva Longoria and the 44-year-old Victoria Beckham become friends, what do they have in common and whether the distance is prevented by their friendship – in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.


Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham met ten years ago, when the designer, together with his wife David Beckham moved to Los Angeles (the football player signed a contract with the local football club, “Los Angeles Galaxy”). Of course, they knew about each other’s existence before, but personal acquaintance happened only in 2008.

Soon they became friends, and all thanks to their husbands-athletes (Eve was then married to basketball player Tony Parker), who were rotating in the same circles. After the marriage of the actress broke up, Victoria gave her a lot of support, and their relationship became even stronger.

She’s an amazing woman, mom and businesswoman. She is the kindest, sweetest and faithful friend that you can only dream about. We are best friends and have gone through a lot together,

“Said Longoria.

Eva Longoria’s relationship with the children of David and Victoria Beckham

About the fact that Eva Longoria really became akin to the Beckham couple, says the fact that it was the actress of the couple who entrusted the duties of the godmother to their daughter Harper. At the christening, which took place in 2012, Eve flew specially from Los Angeles to London.

Victoria asked me to become godmother of Harper, and I, of course, agreed. I am very excited. Harper is just an enchantress,

“Said Longoria.

By the way, I wonder if the actress will answer the same Victoria and ask her friend to become a godmother of her newborn son?

Wedding Dress

But I must say, Longoria also took a heavy burden of responsibility on the shoulders of her friend – Eve asked Victoria to become a designer of her wedding dress, as well as to be her witness.

She inspires me,

Admitted Longoria.

Eva Longoria and Victoria Beckham

Victoria, of course, gladly agreed to help her friend and sewed for her wedding dress. It turned out, as the designer promised, “romantic and sexy.”

Congratulations, Eva Longoria, the smartest, most beautiful woman I know. It is an honor to be your friend. What a beautiful day filled with love,

– congratulated her with a wedding friend Beckham in his Instagram.

She tried to do everything possible to make this day special. I really appreciate her work and this dress,

“Then told Longoria.

Sense of humor

Although Victoria Beckham is often referred to as a man who never smiles and generally looks always too serious, Eva Longoria denies this opinion. The sense of humor is that, among other things, they are brought together.

She’s the funniest person I know, and the funniest of all my girlfriends. She always jokes,

Says Longoria.

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