“Eurobserv” not to worry: the elections to the Parliament will be a new power

«Евробляхеров» не успокоить: На выборах в Раду появится новая сила

The protests of the owners of foreign-registered vehicles moved into the category of policy, experts say. They do not exclude that the meeting the requirements for customs clearance of cars of activists not calm, and wait for the elections of the emergence of political forces under the auspices of “eurobserv”.

“Everything is politicized”

In the night of 8 November near the Parliament building, the protesters, the owners of cars with foreign registration (so-called “EuroBLECH”) were left to sleep their cars to the morning to continue the action they started on 7 November. The protesters demanded the enactment of a bill that reduces the excise tax on customs clearance of cars. And achieved. Parliament supported new rules of customs clearance.

Expert Alexander Dubinsky notes that the excise tax is set at 250-500 euros. “And VAT did no one canceled at the point of import, right? That is, plus 20% of the value determined by customs. This assessment of the car will be done not by your fake certificates on purchase of the Polish company for 1000 euros, and directories of customs officers, which will cost € 1000, and 5000. That is, the cost of customs clearance 10-year price of a car in the 1000 Euro will be at least 1,500 euros. 2.5 times more than the cost of the machine itself. Success” – ironically it.

Dubinsky does not exclude that the protest action with the adoption of the new rules will not stop. And the expert on transport Vyacheslav Konovalov considers that closer to the election, you may receive a political force under the auspices of “eurobserv”.

“Everything is politicized and goes into the category of policy. I suspect that closer to the election, you may receive the kind of political power under the auspices of eurobserv who constantly aggravate the situation,” he said.

Note that the center of Kiev on 7 November was in traffic jams. Was blocked the government quarter and the portion of Victory Avenue. Dozens of cars lined up protesters from European square along Hrushevskoho street.

The action was “precautionary” in nature and concerned not only the customs clearance. The protesters were also against the increase in fuel prices and for ensuring the proper quality of roads. The activists also demanded the dismissal of the head of Ukrtransagent Michael Nonaka.

The protesters asked the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian, who said he had already approached the government about the dismissal of the head of Ukrtransagent, and promises to do it again.

It should be noted that in Ukraine 425 thousand cars with foreign registration (for a total of 9.1 million registered vehicles in the country). Part of the “EuroBLECH” on the balance of Polish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian and other companies allegedly using these vehicles for work. Still more are in the country illegally.

According to the State fiscal service of Ukraine at the beginning of this year, more than 246, 000 foreign-registered vehicles are in the customs territory of Ukraine with violation of the terms of which are in the “transit” has more than 82 000 cars, and in the mode of “temporary import”, more than 164 thousand.

Such a machine can be bought for a thousand dollars, and the average clearing cost of one car was 2.8 thousand dollars. Now the amount is reduced, but the problem is not exhausted.

The problem is not exhausted

Alexander Dubinsky notes that no one has lifted a ban on razumeetsya and use of cars with foreign plates for commercial purposes, as well as the transfer of management rights.

But Vyacheslav Konovalov recalled that recently, another scandal erupted, it turns out, revealed a sufficiently large number of stolen machines. “About 1,700 of the cars imported in Ukraine was on the fake rooms. I suspect that this is the tip of the iceberg and the next corruption scheme”,- he said.

Assessment Konovalov, a number of corruption schemes used by several groups. “To refuse them don’t want is imitation flurry of activity when police and customs indicative eurobserv served on the court. However, amid more than 400 thousand EuroBLECH 10 decisions of the courts looks funny. Someone on this earns well,” he says.

The expert recalled that on 22 October, the press service of the Supreme court of Ukraine reported that the court upheld the indefinite use of the citizens of foreign-registered vehicles brought into the country in the “transit”. According to him, this decision only adds fuel to the fire.

“”EuroBLECH” have become a significant factor in the market, and it shows statistics for September purchases of new cars fell by 20%…otherwise the market situation to deteriorate further,” said Konovalov.

In his opinion, in order to solve the problem, you need to give Amnesty to $ 500 to owners of cars older than 10 years. But by the age of 10 years need to levy tax. MP Oksana Prodan (PPB)previously announced a similar innovation.

She reported on the legislative initiative according to which all the people today who use cars on European time rooms will have to appear in the interior Ministry, “to take responsibility for the safety of the vehicle to pay about 500 euros to get a Ukrainian number and ride on.”

Until such an initiative is not reached. Solved just set the base rate of excise tax for new passenger car with petrol engine capacity of 1000 CC in the amount of 50 euros per unit, and for a new car with a diesel engine capacity of 1000 CC — 75 euros per unit.

Every motorist will be 180 days after the entry into force of the law to draw your car. If this is done in the first 90 days — the rate will be 0.5. In the subsequent three months of the old rate, but without penalty.

Experts do not rule out new protests involving “eurobserv”. They recall that mass protests of owners of cars with foreign registration is held in July and September. The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik emphasized then that the shares were actually directed against the government, against the popular front. “It is possible that the protests may be people close to the presidential administration,” he said.

This time the event “eurobserv” coincided with a picket of Cabinet of Ministers, organized by radical organizations. In parallel with the protests of motorists, members of the United Union of patriots of Ukraine, National teams, National corps, and Veteran of the brotherhood, fighters of a battalion “Aydar” and ATO veterans, demanded to establish in the Ministry of veterans Affairs.

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