EU threatens sanctions Facebook for personal data protection

ЕС угрожает Facebook санкциями из-за защиты персональных данных

American social network Facebook will be subjected to sanctions of the European Union, if, before December 2018 will not match EU norms on personal data protection.

This was stated by EU Commissioner for justice, consumers and gender equality Vera Zhurova, reports Reuters.

“My patience is coming to an end. Though Facebook assured me that finally adapts all doubtful terms until December, it’s too long,” she said.

Zhurova is assured that Facebook will no longer receive any delays. “If the changes are fully implemented before the end of the year, I will be called to act quickly and to impose sanctions against the company” – added the Commissioner.

At the same time, she reported that Airbnb has already made the necessary changes to their policies after it was obliged to do it three months ago.

Earlier, Facebook introduced the AI system able to understand the meaning of memes.

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