Energy monopolists will never meet the needs of consumers – expert

Энергетические монополисты никогда не пойдут навстречу нуждам потребителей – эксперт

To confront energy monopolists can only a powerful civil society institutions. Citizens need to unite, they alone will not be able to resist a powerful machine created by the energy monopolists.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the expert on energy Gennady Ryabtsev.

“Kyivenergo” and “Teplokommunenergo” are not responsible for the fact that they are not executed contracts with consumers. The law does not stipulate any administrative or financial or legal responsibility of suppliers of thermal energy to Ukrainian consumers. In the Ukrainian legislation it is not” – said the expert.

According to G. Ryabtseva, the market for the supply of energy services in Ukraine is formed one-sidedly. The responsibility for everything lies with the consumer. Provider are free in their discretion to set prices and tariffs, and infrequently the regulator – NKREKP – on the side of the consumer and protects his interests.

“Consumers need to unite, any associations of civil society will be able to resist the institutions that provide energy products and services. Any citizens not able to face alone the car posed by the energy monopolists. If on the other side of the barricades would not stand a powerful civil society institutions, we should not expect that someone will meet the needs of consumers,” – said the expert.

G. Ryabtsev added that Kiev continues to exploit the thermal margin of safety infrastructure, the potential that was laid in Soviet times.

“Kiev as the local community, undertook a number of commitments and issues that need to be addressed. While there is no strategy of the newly established enterprise that provides a clear plan for the modernization of networks and segment of the supply of electricity.

It should be noted that Kiev is losing up to 30% of the generated thermal energy – in fact, we heat the environment, and all these losses are included in the tariffs of Kiev. To improve the situation will fail without significant increases in infrastructure investment. While no one supplier of thermal energy we have not stimulated the reduction of specific consumption of fuel per unit of energy produced and to reduce network losses. For all the losses we paid by the consumer”, concluded the expert.



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