El MacPherson meets a physician with a stained reputation: what we know about the new model boyfriend

El MacPherson meets a physician with a stained reputation: what we know about the new model boyfriend
El MacPherson meets a physician with a stained reputation: what we know about the new model boyfriend
A few days ago, the 54-year-old model of El MacPherson caught a kiss with a 60-year-old former doctor Andrew Wakefield in Miami – a year after her divorce from businessman Jeffrey Soffer. The name of the new lover MacPherson is well known in medical circles, but not because of his merits, but because of scandals in which he was involved and because of which he was excluded (!) From the medical register. Who is Andrew Wakefield and what he is known for.


Andrew Wakefield was born in the British city of Eaton in a family of doctors. His father was a neurologist, and his mother was a therapist. He decided to follow in their footsteps and entered the Royal Medical College in London, which he graduated in 1981 with a major in gastroenterology.


In 1985, Wakefield became an employee of the Royal College of Surgery. Soon he became interested in research. The subject of his study were vaccines, or rather, the connection of vaccinations with diseases. Wakefield claimed that the vaccine against measles, mumps and rubella, which was used in the UK in 1988, caused autism in children.

In 1998, Wakefield published a study in which he talked about children vaccinated against these diseases and supposedly shortly after this became autistic. However, it turned out that the study was falsified (and in addition, the children of those parents who were originally against vaccinations participated) and did not prove the connection of vaccinations with autism.

What did Wakefield want? He insisted on the use of monovaccines, that is, he opposed the fact that children were vaccinated immediately from several diseases. It is likely that he was concerned not so much with children’s health as with personal well-being, because huge amounts of money were allocated for research.


Wakefield’s studies interested in the press. The Sunday Times, Channel 4 and journalist Brian Deere engaged in their own investigations and soon began to talk about doctor fraud, his personal financing and unprofessionalism. Wakefield, of course, denied all charges and even filed a lawsuit against the media, but the suit was dismissed.

Eventually, in 2010 Andrew Wakefield was found guilty of violating professional ethics and recalled from the medical register.

In 1986 Andrew Wakefield married the girl Carmel, who later gave birth to his four children. But this marriage ended in divorce, and more recently. About the fact that her husband wants to part with her, Carmel did not even guess – just recently they brought the finishing touches to their luxurious new villa in Austin, Texas. But a month after the move, Wakefield suddenly announced to his wife that he was leaving.

He wanted to find himself,

– the source said.

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