Egyptian doctors stole organs from dead British tourist (PHOTO)

Египетские врачи украли органы у мертвого британского туриста (ФОТО)

62-year-old David Humphries from the UK suddenly died during a holiday in Egypt. The man’s body was returned home, but a second autopsy showed that someone had extracted the internal organs.

This writes The Sun.

Египетские врачи украли органы у мертвого британского туриста (ФОТО)

David Humphreys played with the grandkids in the pool and suddenly lost consciousness. The tourist was rushed to hospital, but the doctors found nothing to help him. Then the Egyptian doctors conducted an autopsy and sent the body of a man in the UK.

A British coroner has decided to clarify the cause of death of David Humphreys and asked for a second autopsy. Then it turned out that the man is missing part of the bodies — someone had removed from the body by the kidneys and heart. Family Humphreys feared that they fell into the hands of traffickers authorities, and demands response from the Egyptian authorities.

According to another version, David Humphries was the victim of a medical error, and doctors removed the bodies to hide this fact. Nevertheless, the hospital management, which was used for the autopsy, insists that all bodies of the men remained in place. The matter was taken under control by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of great Britain.

Earlier in Madagascar has discovered the corpse of an American diplomat.

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